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What are customers are saying about Rapid Jack Plates and all our products

Any rigger will tell you that more setback isn't always better. Mercury's Verado is a prime example. Placing that much weight more than 4 inches behind the transom of even the widest, beefiest bass boat will cause it to get squirrelly at high speeds. And then there's the issue of transom stress on lighter boats. Clearly, having just the right amount of setback is critical for achieving optimum performance with any boat and engine.

Hydro Dynamics understands how to archive optimum setup as well as anyone, and has recently introduced a 6-inch setback version of its popular Rapid Jack Magnum jackplate, which includes all mounting hardware.

This is the fifth jackplate in the Magnum family and, like the 10-, 12-, 14- and 15-inch models; the 6-inch version is made of 1/2-inch 6061 aircraft-quality aluminum and also comes with the company's patented ratchet mechanism for precise adjustment. The newest Magnum, which can be optionally powder coated, has two large cross members and extra long bolting bars that add strength and rigidity.
(Bass & Walleye Boats Magazine)

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HDSP 29.95 1/2"  Bullet spacer for talon/power pole mounts
 2" Spacer for talon/power pole mounts
 set plate HD 55P      
 HD-.5SP  29.95  1/2"  setback spacer set
  this is a 2 inch spacer kit made out of T6-6061 with sst bolts and brass nyloc nuts with 8 sst washers Hydro Dynamics Logo

This is a 2 inch spacer kit made out of T6-6061 with sst bolts and brass nyloc nuts with 8 sst washers, Hydro Dynamics Logo
159.95 plain finish
189.95 Powder Coated Black 

Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics 



TSP-1 29.95   Top Plate -Transom Support 
  Bottom Plate-- Transom Support

Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics 


HDKT 39.95    Fine Thread bolt kit w/ brass nylock nuts

Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics 


SK-10- Mag 65.00   10" Skid plate
SK-12- Mag
  12" Skid plate
SK-12- LSS3 150.00   12" Skid plate LSS3 Bracket
SK-14-Mag 80.00   14" Skid plate
SK-14- LSS3 150.00   14" Skid plate LSS3 Bracket
SK-6-RJ 50.00 6" Skid plate for rapid jack 
SK-8-RJ 55.00   8" Skid plate for rapid jack
SK-6-MG 50.00   6" Skid plate for magnum
SK-8-MG 55.00   8" Skid plate for magnum
SK-8-SL 80.00   8" Slidemaster Plates
SK-10-SL 80.00   10" Slidemaster Plates
SK-12-SL  80.00   12" Slidemaster Plates
SK-8-SL-BC  80.00   8"  Slidemaster Plates on BassCats
skid plate by Hydrodynamics skid plate by Hydrodynamics

Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics

What are customers are saying about Rapid Jack Plates and all our productsEDITOR'S CHOICE - VERTICAL LIMITS
Hydro-Dynamics is well known for its nitrox oxide injection systems. However, many don't know that the company's manual setback jackplates are among the best in the business. Owners Chuck and Debbie Goodman take personal pride in the construction of their Rapid-Jack and EZ-Lift manual plates, and it shows in these units' quality and ease of operation. The Rapid-Jack's one-person operation makes it easy to adjust engine height in quarter-inch increments. These plates are available in many different setback lengths, as well as in many custom powdercoat colors. Accessories such as setback spacers, bolt kits and transom reinforcement stiffeners are also available.

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