Nizpro Flashing instructions

1) Disconnect the positive lead from battery, or turn off master disconnect. Ensure there is no power to the engines ECU.
2) Remove the plastic cover off back of engine to access the ECU.
3) Disconnect the 3 harness quick connects
4) Using a 10mm wrench or socket. Remove the 4 bolts mounting the ECU to it’s bracket
5) Write down the engines model # and serial number and send ECU via your shipping preference to us along with your return shipping information. (see bottom of page)
6) There are 3 options available . 6400 limiter flash and 7000 limiter flash…. Circle which one you prefer
7) Once you receive the ECU back, install in reverse order as stated above. Re connecting power to the ECU is last step!!!
Hydro Dynamics is an authorized Nizpro Dealer and takes NO responsibility in any warranty claims or issues associated to the performance of the Yamaha SHO engine. By signing below you release Hydro Dynamics of ALL responsibility associated with the SHO engine. This is a high performance ECU tune designed and written by Nizpro Marine and will increase the horsepower of the engine. Your abilities to drive and maintain the engine and boats control are not the responsibility of Hydro Dynamics.

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