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What are customers are saying about Rapid Jack Plates and all our products

 I have a rapid jack plate on my bass boat that came with it when I purchased it. I want to start by saying this product kept my boat on the water when the floods hit and we were doing water rescue. We hit something on the water and it tore up my trim pump. Was able to use the rapid jack to pick my motor up and keep me on the water helping people out. Blew the motor the second day. Dropped a cylinder but kept going.
Your product helped us get to people so I just wanted you to know that.
Timothy Hall


"One unit, the Rapid Jack, is very different from the rest. It incorporates a unique ratchet-lifting mechanism that allows adjusting the engine up or down in easy 1/4 inch increments with one wrench. This is one of the nicest manual units on the market! Rapid Jack offers the most convenient-to-use manual jack. Hydro Dynamics focuses all of their efforts on building high-quality manual jack plates and extension plates".
Bass and Walleye Boats Magazine

Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics 

Hydro Dynamics, is probably the best kept secret in the world of outboard performance. Chuck and a small staff run a very specialized shop in the small town of Benton in northwest Louisiana. The shop is dedicated solely to the science of building the parts necessary to propel some of the world's fastest outboards."
Hot Boat Magazine

Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics

I have been using the Rapid Jack since 1995; however, I would like to take a minute of your time to talk about a Family I just came to know a little over a year ago... the Hydro Dynamics' team.

Spending only a minimal amount of money getting my injectors cleaned and purchasing a Dual Pyrometer Kit, I got more answers than I got from a good paid lawyer. Chuck Goodman is always near the phone when you need him. Chuck has given me the knowledge I need to advance to new levels in setting up my boat to perform like no other.

In 1995, I purchased a Bullet Bass Boat rigged with a Rapid Jack; again, in 2000, I purchased a Bullet Bass Boat rigged with the Rapid Jack. As a bass angler and professional boat racer in the Stock Bass Boat Class, my jack plate is put to the test every time I run my boat. I place the Hydro Dynamics' Team and its products in an elite group having been around boats since I was a kid.

For years I have witnessed the use of products manufactured by Hydro Dynamics and Nitrox. If you are looking for reliability, quality products, and strong customer service, I recommend Hydro Dynamics and Nitrox. Their products work. You got my word of honor.
Mark Kramer, Bass Angler and Professional Drag Racer

Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics

"I've been buying products from Hydro Dynamics for several years now. I use only Rapid Jacks on the Liberator tunnel boats I sell. Never a failure or problem. I have a lot of custom parts and jack plates built by Hydro Dynamics that are my own design. He's always very enthused about doing new stuff. I recommend Hydro Dynamics' products for anyone's performance boating needs. Thanks Hydro Dynamics!"

Randy Corson
Liberator Boats of Florida

Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics

Bass Pro Angler Tommy Durham, 2003 Wal Mart Texas Tournament Trail Champion
"There is no substitute for Peace of Mind. That is why as a professional Tournament Angler, I surround myself with quality, dependable equipment. My Hydro Dynamics' RAPID JACK is a great example of the worry free performance I need to be competitive. Precision Machining, stainless hardware, and the strength of the industries finest aluminum, is what keeps my engine in exactly the right position, day in and day out in extreme conditions."
Thanks Hydro Dynamics,
Tommy Durham


Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics

Mel Smith,
President - Smith Marine

When I think about my friend, Chuck Goodman, it seems to me I have known him forever.  I first met Chuck back in the early 80's.  Chuck called me when I was working with my father at Tide Craft Boats.  He wanted to know if we would look at something new he had made, and give him our opinion.  I asked Chuck what had he made; and he told me a jack plate.  I thought to myself, what could be new about a jack plate? 

Well, I will never forget the evening he arrived.  It was storming and the rain had made for a bad day.  Chuck came into the plant and showed us how his device worked.  This was the first "Rapid Jack" by Hydro Dynamics.  Melvin Smith, my father, told him he definitely had a winner.  He said, "Get a patent as soon as possible, you can go as big as you want, son".  He advised Chuck to show at some of the Dealer Trade Shows to help get the word out.  And, the rest is, as they say, history.

Every product or service produced by Hydro Dynamics has been the industries finest.  Chuck has invented/perfected too many items to list for both fishermen and boat racers.  His influence over his employees has inspired them to produce items that are superior and you know you will receive top of the line service. 

Chuck Goodman has become a trusted business associate, as well as a very good friend.  When I call Chuck he always takes time to listen, a rare talent these days.  When it comes to solutions for high performance, his meticulous machine work is the best by any standard.  Almost all high performance applications require tweaking, and Hydro Dynamics' Team offers whatever assistance is needed.

I don't believe he or I will ever outgrow our "need-for-speed", at least, I hope not.  I am very proud to be associated with Chuck Goodman and the Hydro Dynamics' Team, and glad to call all of them friends.

Mel Smith President - Smith Marine, Inc. Minden, LA

Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics

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Whatever your application, Hydro Dynamics has a Rapid Jack to meet your specifications. Ask about our custom designed models for Allison, Blazer, Bullet, Mirage, STV, Triad, and Triton. If one of our standard units or specialty units does not fit your need, at Hydro Dynamics, we are always open to innovated ideas. Call Today!

A World of Excellence! - Quality You Can Trust!

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Pricing on in-stock Jack Plates


Note: When ordering 10 thru 15 inch magnum plates. please specify if your running above or below pad. If your not sure, I will help you in determining the correct plate. example.. for bullets, I make a B1 to run below pad and a B2 to run above pad. In most cases the B2 will also run as low as 1.5 inch below pad.

Call us to discuss which model best fits your application.



    Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics



(6" Rapid Jack illustrated)
Acceleration, Speed and Stability, it all comes down to proper rigging. Rapid Jack has the perfect fit for the bass angler blazing down the tournament trail or for those who just enjoy the sport of Fishing.

  • Adjusts in minutes in 1/4" Increments
  • Bridges the gap between hydraulic & conventional jack plates
  • Lightweight construction provides improved performance and fuel efficiency
  • Constructed of 6061 T-6 Aircraft Qualify aluminum
  • 3600 LB Test Aircraft Quality Cable
  • Machined by State-of-the-Art-CNC Machines
  • Custom units available for specific transom heights and engine midsections
  • Bolt Kit Included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Powder Coating Optional
  • Rated for 2.5 LTR Engines not to exceed 200 HP

9-1/2" Rapid Jack illistrated in purple translucent power coated finish
4" set back HDRJ-40-----365.00
6" set back HDRJ-60-----355.50
7" set back HDRJ-70-----380.55
8" set back HDRJ-80-----380.55
9.5" set back HDRJ-95- -380.00


Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics

Rapid Jack Magnum Jack PlateRAPID JACK MAGNUM

(Rapid Jack Magnum illustrated left)
The exclusive patented Rapid Jack's Ratchet lets you move your outboard engine from lower positions for family boating to upper positions for maximum speed in minutes. The patented ratchet mechanism easily and accurately adjusts. Just count the clicks to measure. The 3600 LB test Aircraft Quality Cable raises and lowers your outboard engine to a full 4-1/4" so smoothly and easily. The "floating harness" cable assembly assures consistent level lifts.

Hydro Dynamics' Rapid Jack is constructed out of the highest quality materials: T6, 6061 aircraft quality aluminum; 3600 LB test aircraft quality cable; all stainless steel hardware; and machined by state-of-the-art CNC Machines. The Stainless Steel hardware easily loosens thanks to the 3/4" thick Bolting Bars. The Magnum Series (Heavy Duty) is constructed out of 1/2" 6061-T6 Aircraft Quality Aluminum, features two massive cross members and extra long bolting bars which adds strength and rigidity and are available in 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", and 15" of set back. Powder Coating Optional in a vast variety of colors. Bolt Kit included.

4" set back HDRJ-4-MAG-HD---385.99
6" set back HDRJ-6-MAG-HD---385.99
8" set back HDRJ-8-MAG-HD---425.00
9" set back HDRJ-9-MAG-HD---425.00

10" set back HDRJ-10-MAG----490.00
12" set back HDRJ-12-MAG----505.00
14" set back HDRJ-14-MAG----545.55
15" set back HDRJ-15-MAG----545.55

Big Boy Plates
10" set back HDRJ-10-B2-MAG---505.50
12" set back HDRJ-12-B2-MAG---545.00
14" set back HDRJ-14-B2-MAG---599.00
15" set back HDRJ-15-B2-MAG---599.00

   the all new 4" magnum rapid jack

 4"  Rapid Jack Magnum

Rapid Jack Magnum

Introducing the 6" - 8" Rapid Jack Magnum

Hydro Dynamics is pleased to announce the addition of the 6" and 8" Rapid Jack Magnum to our line up. Previously, the Magnum Series was limited to setbacks of 10" to 15". With the onset of heavier, more powerful Engines we felt the need to expand the Product Line. With more torque and horsepower selecting the right setback for your rig can be daunting. We answered this problem with the introduction of both the 6" and the 8" Rapid Jack Magnum to join the line up of the Big Boy Magnum Series.

AAAs with all Rapid Jacks, the 6" and 8" hold true while raising and lowering of engines with ease using the finest materials and craftsmanship of uncompromised quality; effectively, bridging the gap between manual and hydraulic units.
  • Constructed of 1/2" 6061 T-6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Cross Member between bolting bars for added Strength and Rigidity
  • 3600 LB Aircraft Quality Cable
  • 3/4" thick bolting bars eliminates the use of a back-up wrench
  • Adjusts in 1/4" increments
  • Bolt Kit included
  • Heavy Duty Rated for All V6 Engines
  • Optional powder coating available
Jack Plate with optional powder coating
Hydro Dynamics customizes many units for specific transom angles and heights; and, also for short shaft engines. Illustrated left is a 14" HDRJ-14-MAG Rapid Jack Magnum (Heavy Duty) with Optional Yellow Powder Coated Finish.


Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics 

Extension Plate


The Extension Plate is structurally designed for use in conjunction with another jack plate. The Extension Plate is mounted directly to the transom of the boat and acts as a spacer to achieve the desired set back. Once the extension plate is mounted to the transom, the jack plate is mounted to the extension plate and the engine mounted to the jack plate.
WARNING: Never exceed a total of 15" of combined set back; Always mount an extension plate to the transom of the boat!


HDEX-40-HD 4" set back (Magnum) Max combined set back 12"----329.99
HDEX-60-HD 6" set back (Magnum) Max combined set back 12"----375.99
HDEX-80-HD 8" set back (Magnum) Max combined set back 15"----420.99
Extension Plate Magnum with cross members

Units feature twin massive cross members for super strength and rigidity. Extension plates are always to be mounted to the transom of the boat, then the jack plate and your engine to the jack plate.

6" set back (Magnum) HDEX-60-HD-CM Max combined set back 12"
8" set back (Magnum) HDEX-80-HD-CM Max combined set back 15"


Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics 


Static Plates are stationary units. Many "riggers" know where they wish the engine(s) to be mounted relative to the bottom of the boat in order to achieve optimum performance of their rig. These installations signify a clean, professional installation. Hydro Dynamics' CNC machining capabilities make an aesthetically clean unit with a flare toward design and elegance. This does not, however, come at a cost of strength. Construction is of  "6061 T-6 Aircraft quality aluminum. Inside the unit are two massive 1-1/4" cross members that offer tremendous rigidity. These units are available in 10" and 12" set back. While the standard 10" and 12" models are available, the transition to a customer's specific needs are usually not that difficult. Boats having at or near "0" transom angles can be easily adapted for proper trim angles with variations of this plate. Illustrated to the left is one of Hydro Dynamics' 3-hole units.

A "Super Clean" Application

The photo featured to the left is a perfect example of Hydro Dynamics' commitment to meeting our customer's needs. This rig is definitely a Show Stopper! One of the most popular uses of the Static Plate is the twin engine application. Featured to the left are two custom units where the customer requested a 2-hole pattern in a super cool powder coated finish. Be sure to see Hydro Dynamics' Gauge Bezel assortment which includes the cable and hose rigging bezels that you will need to accomplish this stylish effect.

These units are custom made according to customer's specifications. Available in 10" and 12" of setback. Consists of 2-side plates; 4- Angles; and, unitized, with twin cross members. Illustrated in optional powder coated finish 
Static Plate 4 Hole Application Custom  Static plates made to order in the US per custmoer order via Hydro Dynamics


Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics 


(Illustrated 6” EZ-LIFT) E-Z LIFT JACK PLATE

(Illustrated 6” EZ-LIFT)
 LOWER PRICES…NOT EXPECTATIONS The EZ-Lift is our innovative solution for an economical jack plate engineered to the highest standards. Its incredibly simple design assures you of Precise, Smooth Adjustments Each Time, Every Time for your outboard powered rig. The perfect fit for Bass Boats, Bay Boats and is rapidly becoming a favorite for some of the Fastest Race Boats in the country.

EZ-Lift 4" setback----239.00
EZ-Lift 6" setback----259.00
Jack Plates by Hydro Dynamics